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Studio Art Lessons


  • Paint Night - (Paint Bar): Crop a famous image and easily recreate a new composition by using Grid Art techniques. Apply any medium desired i.e.: color pencil, watercolor, acrylic paint...​

  • Color Theorylearn how to mix primary paints to make hundreds of colors, while painting on canvas.​

  • Printmaking with Linoleum: carve into soft rubber blocks, creating multiple stamped layers using a variety of ink colors and carving stages. 


  • Mask Making: start with a pre-plastered face mold, or develop yourself using plaster strips, sculptamold, and other building mediums. Learn to mix the primary colors, paint, and then add decor. 

  • Shapes & Forms Sculpture: create multiple forms using mat board, utility knife, hot glue gun, and then pa·pier mâ·ché to paint the 3D sculpture. 

  • Wire Armatures: using contour lines of an object, recreate the 3D form using colored wire and wire mesh.

  • Tunnel Books: using book art techniques and layers, create an accordion display for a pop-out image.

  • Book-Making: using traditional methods, create a sketchbook or diary.


Technical Drafting & Graphic Design: Please contact me.

  • Private or small group studio art lessons on any 2D or 3D  project. 

  • Explore artistic behaviors through a variety of techniques.

  • Develop artistic skills using a multitude of mediums & tools. 

  • Customize individual projects per interest of student.

  • Analyze conceptualism via theme-based art projects.

  • Follow UbD standards & Common Core standards​

  • Select the Project.

  • Schedule a Class!

  • 2+ Day Class Projects, 1-3 Hours ( $50 - $125 ) per class. 

  • Price varies depending on project. 

  • Per Person Fee is lowered for group sessions.

  • Ages 16+, please inquire about younger ages. 


Ceramics is coming soon....

  • Baby Feet Prints Tile: imprint baby's feet into a clay tile, add on features such as date of birth & name. 

  • Hand-building Ceramic Vessel: create a container using a variety of clay techniques, such as coil-building, slab throwing, and subtractive/additive methods. 

  • Relief Tile Carving: carve into clay, removing background, to create layers of a protruding image. 


Private Studio Art Classes per Project

  • Studio Art lessons in Drawing, Painting, 3D Design, Sculpture, Printmaking, Ceramics: 1- 4 classes.

  • Please Direct Message me to schedule an appointment.

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