Private Portfolio Guidance:  College portfolio submission process & more. 

  • First Lesson: 

    • Portfolio review of all student artwork completed and in progress.

    • Begin collecting all 2D and 3D artwork, sketchbooks, and doodles in a portfolio case.

    • Come prepared to discuss your interest in regards to the art or design field.

    • First lesson must be 2 hours. 


  • Second Lesson: Students with 15+ pieces of artwork

    • Photograph all completed artwork

    • Complete an inventory sheet to document requirements needed later for submission to SlideRoom.

    • Receive a Student Artwork Inventory sheet to archive work and learn to stay organized.

    • Future classes to develop portfolio are usually needed.


  •  Student with less artwork are suggested to take lessons at Visual Shift Art Studio.

    • Develop artistic techniques and skills, while receiving a fine art education.

    • Projects are customly created for individual portfolios and focus on student interests.  

    • Mediums and materials along with work space and more are provided at the Visual Shift Art Studio.

    • Portfolio lessons will continue once again after the collection of 10+ pieces of artwork. 


  • Third Lesson:

    • Learn  to edit image files following strict college portfolio guidelines using PhotoShop.

    • Learn to organize files and images.

    • Learn SlideRoom and/or how to submit portfolios per college requirements. 


  • Fourth Lesson: 

    • Finalize images

    • Finalize inventory sheet

    • Discuss future major, career options, future projects.


Additional Information:

  • Receive 2 Excel/Numbers spreadsheets to stay organized: 

    • Portfolio requirements for each specific college/university

    • Artwork Inventory: title, dates, dimensions, mediums, project descriptions.


  • Receive additional career development advice & guidance. 


  • Receive a list of potential schools to apply to per individual student interest.


  • Access to PDF documents for additional reading information and worksheets.


  • Artwork may be submitted to art contests for recognition, awards or scholarships.


  • Students must commit to at lease 4 private 1-2 hour lessons to complete course.


  • Explore artistic behaviors through a variety of techniques and develop artistic skills using a multitude of mediums & tools by taking additional classes with Visual Shift Art Studio.. 


  • Projects follow UbD standards & explore conceptualism via theme-based projects.

Contact & Booking

Want to continue with studio art lessons? Visit the studio lesson page.  

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