• Representational Composition: Crop a famous image and easily recreate a new composition by using Grid Art techniques. Apply any medium desired ie: color pencil, watercolor, arylic paint...

  • Drawing/Painting a Still Life: Make a viewfinder, learn drawing techniques, & create a unique piece of art from your perspective.  

  • Exploring 9 Painting Techniqueslearn 9 acrylic painting techniques and how to stretch your own canvas.

  • Printmaking with Linoleum: carve into soft rubber blocks, creating multiple stamped layers using a variety of ink colors and carving stages. 


  • Mask Making: develop using plaster strips, sculptamold, and other building mediums on a face form.

  • Shapes & Forms Sculpture: create multiple forms using mat board, utility knife, hot glue gun, and then pa·pier mâ·ché to paint the 3D sculpture. 

  • Wire Armatures: using contour lines of an object, recreate the 3D form using colored wire and wire mesh.

  • Tunnel Books: using book art techniques and layers, create an accordion display for a pop-out image.



Ceramics is coming soon....

  • Baby Feet Prints Tile: imprint baby's feet into a clay tile, add on features such as date of birth & name. 

  • Hand-building Ceramic Vessel: create a container using a variety of clay techniques, such as coil-building, slab throwing, and subtractive/additive methods. 

  • Relief Tile Carving: carve into clay, removing background, to create layers of a protruding image. 

Technical Drafting & Graphic Design: Please contact me.

Looking for Air Plants, Terrariums, and Our Plant Art Gallery? See this link to www.VisualShiftArtStudio

We share this lovely studio space with Designer 151 Studios.

The Hope Artiste Village, 1005 Main St., Unit 1205 Pawtucket, RI 02860

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