The Logo Story

The Adriance StarWheel is our Family Crest, designed by my parents, Gary Laurie. The StarWheel is a trademarked logo for Adriance Furnituremakers, and is handcarved‬ into each crafted‬ piece of furniture‬ created.

With their permission, I have continued the tradition of using the StarWheel for my own business logo‬, Visual Shift Art Studio. By adding gray values, I'm ideally portraying a paint palette.

Notice the StarWheel is very similar to the ‪'‎Seed of Life‬' and ‪'‎Flower of Life,' originating from sacred geometry. 

The SoL and FoL patterns represent the source of ‪‎Creation‬, in this sense I believe, it is a visual depiction of the evolution of creativity.

As artistic creators we must evolve by shifting our perception. Like a paradigm shift, it is essential for artists to significantly develop our visual understanding to continually create new concepts. 

Looking for Air Plants, Terrariums, and Our Plant Art Gallery? See this link to www.VisualShiftArtStudio

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