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The Logo Story

The Adriance StarWheel is our Family Crest, designed by my parents, Gary Laurie. The StarWheel is a trademarked logo for Adriance Furnituremakers, and is handcarved‬ into each crafted‬ piece of furniture‬ created.

With their permission, I have continued the tradition of using the StarWheel for my own business logo‬, Visual Shift Art Studio. By adding gray values, I'm ideally portraying a paint palette.

Notice the StarWheel is very similar to the ‪'‎Seed of Life‬' and ‪'‎Flower of Life,' originating from sacred geometry. 

The SoL and FoL patterns represent the source of ‪‎Creation‬, in this sense I believe, it is a visual depiction of the evolution of creativity.

As artistic creators we must evolve by shifting our perception. Like a paradigm shift, it is essential for artists to significantly develop our visual understanding to continually create new concepts. 

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