Alyssa Kate Adriance-Cordeiro


  • Art Portfolio development and guidance for creative students applying to fine art colleges & design universities, to assists with all art photography, edit and documenting pictures, & upload to SlideRoom.

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Presently, I am moving back toward the arts and creating my own artwork again. After 12 years of teaching I am re-focusing my creativity towards nurturing nature by working with plants within sculptural forms.
Derived from my high school and college senior art thesis, once again I am working with concrete, although these forms are much smaller then my first and second round in 2000 & 2003-2004. One major difference is that I'm incorporating plants instead of water.  
Working with Plants and making art has been a life long adventure. Propagating baby plants over the years has allowed me to truly experience  the beautiful process of  to nature taking root, maturing, and growing to provide more life.
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